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Whew. This weekend we finally saw some spring-like warm weather and it was wonderful! So many tractors out in the fields, working ground and planting the last few acres of beans.

There were also some pretty cool ag and non-ag stories this week:

  • This story, from the Huffington Post, about potential health risks for kids who consume gluten-free diets.
  • This, because it’s awesome. Protractor
  • This story, from the New York Times, about vertical farms in urban areas which are striving to meet the nutritional needs of a growing population.
  • This story, from the Washington Post, about a Minnesota and Wisconsin cold snap which damaged vineyards that support the states’ wine industry. I mean, seriously, how sad is that?
  • This, because it’s the story of my life. Weeds
  • This story, from Forbes, which talks about the importance of vocation education for all students, not just students who may choose not to go to college. It’s a great piece and reinforces what I have said time and again: vocational education programs, like FFA, can change and influence students in phenomenal ways.

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