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Happy May, all! We’re rounding the corner on the first week of May, and in our house, that means it’s birthday time for H!

H will turn two-years-old Monday, but we’re celebrating her (and all of the moms in the family since it also is Mother’s Day) with a family-only birthday party Sunday. Which means I have been cleaning like a mad woman and have made approximately 4,256 trips to the grocery store.

To Do Lists.jpg

This is my current “To Do” list, menu, and grocery list. And yes, I have written on the front and back of each sheet.

Despite the crazy, I’m pretty excited to celebrate my little lady’s birthday (but seriously, how is she two already?) because she’s at the age where everything she says is hilarious. It’s going to be a good time.

In the mean time, it’s time to check some items off my work “To Do” list and tackle this week’s Weekly Round Up.

  • This story from the Washington Post about a massive recall of frozen fruits and veggies possibly contaminated with Listeria. Take note – I had some of those veggies in my freezer.
  • This article from The Guardian about farmers in California who are farming without water during one of the state’s most devastating droughts.
  • This, because Tuesday was Teacher Appreciation Day. Of course, I have a deep appreciation for ag teachers, but all teacher deserve our respect and admiration.Teacher Appreciation Day
  • This story from the New York Post, about how Prospect Park hired a herd of goats to help eliminate weeds. Now, that’s pretty cool – and sustainable.
  • This story from the Wall Street Journal about a brewery in Belgium which built a 1,500 foot pipeline to send beer, brewed in the brewery, back into town. And yes, the article does answer the question of whether residents were able to get their own taps in their homes.
  • This, because, seriously. It’s the name of the blog! Blog
  • And finally, this article from the Center for Food Integrity, which talks about Dannon Yogurt’s decision to source milk from cows that have never consumed GMO feeds.

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