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Happy Fourth of July! What were your plans for the long, holiday weekend? Husband had to work Saturday, so H and I headed to our local, county 4-H horse show to watch her Aunt T show.

Oh, and pet lots of horses, but whatever.

And, if we can keep H up long enough tonight, maybe we’ll find some fireworks to watch.

Anyway, on to this holiday edition of the Weekly Round Up:

  • Did you see this article in the Washington Post this week about GMOs, Nobel laureates and Greenpeace? It’s an interesting read, especially if you have concerns and questions about GMOs. Plus, the Washington Post made a pretty cool video to go with it.
  • This, because it’s the Fourth of July!13529136_10154994300147468_4631580653251166505_n
  • How many times have you cleaned out the refrigerator, only to find a half-eaten container of lettuce gone bad, or rotting fruit that had been barely touched? Well, apparently, the Senate has a plan to deal with some of the wasted food we generate here in the U.S.
  • This, because the world of sports lost one of the most iconic and impressive women. Ever. FB_IMG_1467423832429.jpg
  • This article, which talks about what farming today is…and isn’t. It’s awesome.
  • And finally, this, because it’s the Fourth of July…again! And it’s a picture of a cute little calf! What could be better?FB_IMG_1467560809465

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Another week down and that means it’s time for another edition of the Weekly Round Up.

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Time for another edition of the Weekly Round Up. This week we’re talking women on the farm, food storage guidelines (because, honestly, we all need to be better at using up food before it goes bad) and more dairy! And, bonus, dads in honor of Father’s Day!

  • As my friend, Martin, said about this article: “Despite what some may think, agriculture’s actually a clear leader in professional gender equality. Almost any successful farm couple I knew was a true partnership, with a strong woman encouraging, reasoning with, running the numbers (or the planter) alongside, and when necessary, Gilligan-slapping their hardworking hubbies.”
  • This. Oh man, this. Hungry People
  • Ever bought a bunch of carrots at the grocery store and, a month later, found them in the fridge and thought, “Can I still use these? I mean, they look okay.” Let’s be honest, we’ve all done that. Now, you can whip out this trusty guide to find out the shelf life of all your favorite produce!
  • This, because it’s awesome. Despic-hay-bale
  • And, finally, this local-to-Illinois story featuring Lake County Farm Bureau Manager, Greg Koeppen, who organized the breakfast on the farm. Said Greg, “Who doesn’t like pizza for breakfast?” Well, he said a lot more than that, but you’ll have to check out the article to find out what breakfast at Golden Oaks means for the folks who took the time to participate.
  • Bonus: In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, these pictures of my dads. Because I’m lucky, I get two.
    Trail Riding

    The whole family get ready to take part in my dad’s favorite activity: trail riding. Side note: this was our second trailer. The first one we got didn’t last long because when we bought the three-horse, dad said it would be fine because he didn’t ride and wouldn’t need to haul a horse. That lasted about three weeks.


    And finally, my second dad, Chuck. He married my mom a few years after my dad passed away and he, well, he’s pretty cool. I couldn’t ask for a better second dad.

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