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It was with concern that we read a headline on CNN’s health blog—“Does ADHD Come From Foods?

Our concern stemmed from the possibility the story was yet another attack on conventional agricultural production, that GMO’s and “factory farmed” animals were causing our children to run wild.

The article was predictably going to point out how we should all go vegan, and buy/consume only locally grown, organic foods.

Only it didn’t.

The blog cites a study out of the Netherlands which determined that no specific foods appeared to induce ADHD.  During the study, the children were fed an “oligoantigenic” diet, or one in which the foods selected were least likely to cause an allergic reaction.  What did the researchers include in their oligoantigenic diet?  Meat, vegetables, fruits, water, potatoes and wheat.  In other words, a well-balanced diet.  But there was no mention of organically grown this or non-genetically modified that.

The study ultimately drew no conclusions.  Although the researchers found 64% of the kids involved seemed to show improvement with a well-balanced diet, there was not enough evidence to point one way or another.  Regardless of the lack of a definitive conclusion, we’re all for kids replacing junk food and empty calories with fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. 

We congratulate the researchers and CNN for not spinning the study or its results, and for pointing out what we’ve said all along: a well-balanced diet with meat, fruits and vegetables is perfect for just about everyone.

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