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We’re dairy-loving people in our house – and not just because my family has dairy cattle. We genuinely love all things dairy. And my two-year-old may be the queen of the dairy-loving kingdom.

Seriously. This day, she had milk, strawberries, yogurt, and cream cheese – with a little bit of bagel because that’s just the way she rolls – for breakfast.

Like I said. HT loves her dairy.

Right now, she’s drinking whole milk. But, growing up in the “full-fat dairy will kill you!” era, I’ve wondered, “Is it time to switch to 2 percent?”

Enter “The Full-Fat Paradox: Dairy Fat linked to Lower Diabetes Risk,” on NPR’s The Salt.

For years, the dairy industry had touted the benefits of drinking milk and consuming dairy products. Health officials and nutritionists have only half agreed, saying low-fat dairy products are the best for optimum health.

However, a new study finds that the dairy fats found in milk, yogurt and cheese may help protect against one of the most prominent diseases in the U.S.: Type 2 diabetes.

Published in the journal Circulation, the study included 3,333 adults and measured circulated levels of biomarkers of dairy fat in participants” blood. Over two decades, the researched tracked who among the participants developed diabetes.

According to the study, participants who had more dairy fat in their diet had a lower risk of diabetes.

“People who had the most dairy fat in their diet had about a 50 percent lower risk of diabetes,” compared with the people who consumed the least dairy fat, said Dariush Mozaffarian, dean of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Polciy at Tufts University, who is also an author of the study.

That’s pretty interesting information, especially for someone like me, who grew up on the information that to eat dairy in a healthy way, you had to eat the low-fat version.

To top it off, NPR’s The Salt also recently reported that additional research shows that children and adults who have a higher intake of whole milk or 2 percent milk gain less weight over time.

Researchers don’t know why full-fat may equal full health, but that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is my two-year-old’s hefty whole milk habit (and love for all things dairy – including the cows) is a healthy habit to have.



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It’s time for another edition of the Weekly Round Up, so grab a snack and a drink, settle in on the couch and get ready for some of the week’s best stories, videos and memes!

  • Remember me telling you about a little girl who sustained injuries from a house fire? Reese has dairy cattle and I know (well, know of, more like) her parents because of my years in show ring. Anyway, two years ago, Reese and her sister, Brinkley, were staying at their grandparents’ house when a fire broke out. Her sister and grandfather were okay, but Reese and her grandmother suffered pretty extensive injuries, with Reese bearing the brunt. Well, finally, after nearly 700 days in the hospital, Reese is going home! Check out the story in Bullvine (a dairy mag) and keep the Kleenexes handy.
  • This, which is so awesome, I’m sharing it again. Because I can’t remember if I’ve already shared it once.  FB_IMG_1454818465099
  • If you live in the Midwest, you’ve no doubt seen auger wagon, combines, tractors and planters moving slowly down the road. But, do you have any idea how much that very necessary equipment costs farmers? Illinois Corn Growers gave an excellent breakdown of the Heavy Cost of Machinery on their blog, Corn Corps. Check it out.
  • This, because, obviously. It was 72 degrees two days ago. Today, it has barely broken 40 degrees. And there’s snow in the forecast for the weekend. FB_IMG_1456014244576
  • If you’re not an Illinois resident, you may be unaware of the budget situation with which we’re currently dealing. The situation is this: We don’t have a budget and we probably won’t have one for quite some time. We’re now approaching one full year without the governor and legislature working together enough to get a budget in place. All of that political wrangling means that bills are going unpaid and state programs are being affected. The latest to hit the chopping block was the agriculture education line item, when the governor decided to zero out the funding in early March. To learn more about how this will affect students, check out these stories from WEEK and Prairie Farmer.
  • This, which I obviously love. And yes, I can say, ‘yes’ to everything on this list. It’s a badge of honor. 12794340_10208972861066778_8754308815924586604_n
  • And finally, this story from Forbes, about the USDA’s Certified Organic label. I’ve talked quite a bit about conventionally-raised vs. organic foods and how marketing plays a big role in the way both are perceived by consumers. This piece goes a bit deeper and it’s excellent.

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