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It’s June! You know what that means? It’s Dairy Month!

Dairy Month

And in honor of dairy month, the all (well, mostly) dairy Weekly Round Up!

  • I’ve shared some of the Acres + Avenues videos before, but if you haven’t seen them, here’s the rundown: A dairy farmer and city dweller switch places and jobs to learn more about the other’s profession. It’s pretty cool stuff. Here’s the latest:
  • Looking for some great dairy recipes? Then be sure to check out the Midwest Dairy Association’s recipes page. Plenty of great recipes for all your favorite dairy foods!
  • Are you a runner? Or, for lack of a better word, gym rat? How do you recuperate after a particularly tough work out? For most, it’s a sports drink and a healthy meal, but perhaps you’re overlooking another fortified drink that can help your muscles bounce back. To learn more about the benefits of chocolate milk as a sports drink, be sure to check out this clip from National Geographic’s ‘You Can’t Lick Your Elbow.’
  • This, because, obviously. One Cow Can Make
  • And finally, this article, from Canadian Living. Not because it necessarily has to do with dairy month, but it does have to do with food. And it has lots of good information.

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It’s time for another edition of the Weekly Round Up! This week, we’re talking FFA (and you know how much I love to talk FFA!), more dairy facts, GMOs (again) and women on farms.

  • Another crop of Illinois Association FFA officers were elected this week during the Illinois Association FFA State Convention. I just love seeing another team of officers excited to begin their year of traveling the state, promoting FFA and agricultural education. It makes me think of the day I was elected 12 years ago. I was the only girl on a five person state officer team and I remember thinking, “Okay, I don’t know these guys very well. This year could either be really great, or really bad.” A couple of hours later, late in the evening at the hotel, the five of us were chatting and an incident involving frozen gummy bears being chucked at each other made me think this might be the best decision I ever made. And boy was I right. The boys, well, I don’t know about them. They had to spend the first month of our term carrying my food — and carrying me up and down the stairs — because I was on crutches. At least I hope they remember it as fondly as I do.

    I think this was taken a couple of years after we retired. They must not think I'm too bad, they still take pictures with me, even though they don't have to anymore...

    I think this was taken a couple of years after we retired. They must not think I’m too bad, they still take pictures with me, even though they don’t have to anymore…

  • This, because obviously. I mean, they’re Jerseys! And they’re so cute!How Now Brown Cow
  • Ever looked at a nutrition label on a gallon of milk and been confused? Or, better yet, wondered what that percentage means? 1%, 2%, skim and whole — what they heck? Well, if you’re confused, don’t worry — there’s help!
  • And this. Did you know this? Women have always played an important role on farms across the country, and they still do today, especially as those roles continue to change. Women Farmers
  • And finally, this story out of Oregon. If you read the news at all, GMOs shouldn’t be an alien term to you. Folks want to see GMOs labeled and removed from the market, regardless of what science says. In one Oregon county, they’ve done just that, voting to ban GMO crops in the county. But there’s one problem: How do you enforce it?

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Time for another edition of the Weekly Round Up. And, just so you know, a lot of stuff happened this week. Prepare yourself.

  • Did you know June is Dairy Month? I love Dairy Month because I grew up with dairy cattle. Everyone else loves Dairy Month because, well, ice cream and hot weather were made for each other. In celebration of Dairy Month, here are all the awesome articles and memes you can check out:
    • Need some new recipes for satisfy your June dairy cravings? Check out this cookbook from http://www.DairyMakesSense.com.
    • This. Because, obviously. Keep Calm
    • Have you ever wondered how real milk stacks up against other popular milks like soy, almond or coconut milk? This handy chart can help.
    • And also this. Consequently, if you love all things cows, visit http://www.steelcow.com. Beautiful artwork that features all things bovine (and a few pigs and chickens, too)!Dairy Month
    • And this. Midwest Dairy
    • And, one more. Because you’re a glutton for punishment. Milk Sales
  • You might have seen this making the rounds this week, but if not, check it out. Flooding in Texas has affected cities and rural communities alike and, in the case of this rancher, the community came together to help him get his stranded cattle to safety — driving them nearly 70 miles! The pictures alone are worth the read.
  • This, which I found last week. Apparently, in June 1938, several members of Congress competed in a milking contest on the Capitol grounds. From the House Agriculture Committee’s Facebook page: “Texas Congressman Marvin Jones, who was chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, served as the referee. According to new reports, he declared the contest a draw because after 10 minutes of milking, none of the contestants had more than a pint of milk to show for their efforts.” Wonder how the same contest with today’s Congressional delegation would go? We know they’re good at pulling legs. Milking Contest
  • This editorial, from TruthAboutTrade.org. Written by a Vermont farm mom, this article talks about the price of GMO labeling to the family farm. It’s an excellent read, straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • And finally, this article from BloodHorse.com. As someone who has a lot of experience in the horse industry, this was particularly interesting. The article focuses not on Triple Crown hopeful, American Pharoah, but instead, his pony horse, Smokey. What’s so interesting, for me, is the fact that Smokey has one heck of a pedigree and a whole lot of training to end up ponying horses on the racetrack. I’m just guessing her, but I would bet, with Smokey’s training and breeding, he was a six-figure horse when trainer Bob Baffert bought him to pony horses on the track. And, if all of that was just a foreign language to you, you should still check out the article, because there are pretty pictures of horses. And, it talks about American Pharoah, who just might be the first horse to claim the triple crown since Affirmed did it in 1978.


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