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So, you know how I love dairy cows? Wait, sorry, that was a stupid question. If you’ve spent more than three seconds here, you probably know that.

Anyway, it’s my love for all things dairy that drew my attention to this article in Forbes Magazine.

Okay, it was actually the article’s headline, Big Agriculture Gets Its Sh*t Together, which really sparked my interest. Then I saw cows and, well, I was a goner.

Despite the snarky title, which, let’s be honest, I love, the article is a treasure trove of information about how today’s dairy farmers are working to make their farms more sustainable with fewer resources.

If you’re curious at all about how big — and I mean BIG — farms operate, this article is for you.

The focus of the article is Fair Oaks Dairy, located in northwest Indiana. Fair Oaks is one of the largest dairy farms in the country, housing around 36,000 cows.

With that many animals in one spot — not to mention their hog operation — there’s bound to be some poop. And the way that Fair Oaks deals with manure is on the cutting edge of farm technology.

They’re turning their manure into an energy source for the farm, reducing their environmental footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

To top it off, the dairy itself is open to the public for viewing, tours and questions.

How cool is that? Looks like they really did get their sh–well, stuff, together.



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Summer is finally here, you guys! And it’s almost over. Talking with President Guebert this week, he said he couldn’t figure out where summer has gone. Given that the majority of this summer felt like spring with lots of rain and 60 degree temperatures, I’m just going to say summer has felt short because we never really had one.

But, finally, this week, we haven’t had rain, I haven’t needed to mow my yard seven times, and my yard even has some sunburnt spots in it! Yay, summer!

Anyway, let’s get down to it:

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When mean isn’t mean.

Whew. It’s been a while.

So, to ease back into this, I’m going to start by directing you all to another blog we think is worthy of some attention:

Dairy Carrie and her post on why dairy farmers are sometimes mean to their cows.

It seems like every other day we’re exposed to a new animal abuse video, new accusations of mistreatment and new calls to end animal agriculture.

But a little context here before you go crazy. Carrie isn’t talking abuse or mistreatment. She’s talking necessary measures that dairy farmers have to take in order to keep their animals healthy and productive. And sometimes those measures don’t exactly look friendly, but they are done for the greater good of the animal.


Buck-teeth beauty!


Growing up with dairy cattle, I can tell you that Carrie hits the nail on the head. If you’ve ever seen a cow treated for milk fever, it doesn’t look pleasant. And it isn’t – especially for the farmer. But without that treatment, the cow will sicker than ever or even in danger of losing her life.

ISF 11

Sleepy girls…

So, meander on over to Carrie’s blog and take a look at her explanation on why dairy farmers do what they do when it comes time to treat a sick animal. Chances are, what seemed mean at first will make a whole lot of sense.


That’s what cow love looks like!

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