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It’s springtime in Illinois and that means one thing:


Okay, maybe it means more than one thing. But still, spring planting is pretty important.

Anyway, time for the Weekly Round Up:

  • Check out this video from the National Agricultural Aviators Association:   
     “Great video from NAAA member Jeff Chorman flying over budding orchards at risk to frost damage. Temperatures of 29 degrees can result in a 10 percent loss tot he crop; 27 degrees and below a 90 percent loss. Watch the helicopter move the needle up four degrees and warm the crop as he flies by. Ag aviators feed the world indeed!”
  • Since we’re well on our way to summer – and farmers market season – be sure to check out this article from OnlyInYourState.com, which outlines the best farmers markets in Illinois. I’m close to a couple of these, and you better believe I’ll be spending some money there this summer.
  • This, because who knew? catch a chicken
  • And speaking of chickens – did you know that chickens are quickly becoming the ‘bird of choice’ in big cities? In fact, according to a New York Times article, “There are no reliable statistics on the city’s chicken population, but one vendor alone, mypetchicken.com, says it has shipped more than 3,000 birds to New York City in the last three years, and 34 community gardens now keep flocks.”
  • As we’re wrapping up spring and heading into summer, check out these interesting sunflower facts from Country Living. Given, I’m not much of a green thumb, but I certainly didn’t know most of these flower facts.
  • And last but not least, this. Because, cows or not, that’s the truth. having it all

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